Manual Call Systems

Production and logistics experts are increasingly focussing on the implementation of lean management methods.

Manual Call Systems The aim of a holistic approach to lean management is to optimally coordinate every activity within the value creation chain and thus eliminate all types of waste.

WERMA now offers an optimal solution for lean production implementation: The Andon Products for Signal Towers.

What does “Andon” stand for?

The term “Andon” originates from Japan. A signal tower or beacon mounted in a prominent position signals that a problem has arisen and requests an immediate response.

WERMA‘S manual call systems function according to the same principle: when an optical or audible signal is activated the supervisor or logistics employee is made aware of the fact that an immediate response is required. Each workstation that is equipped with these products enables the employee to precisely and instantaneously signal which type of issue has occurred at the touch of a button. With the aid of optical and/or audible signals the system then displays the corresponding information.

Flexible call system

The use of call systems not only improves the efficiency of production processes but decisively contributes to the

  • effective use of resources,
  • creates cost savings and
  • increases the ability to flexibly respond to market changes.

WERMA‘S manual call systems can be used in a wide range of applications: from optimising kanban processes to production workstations or packaging areas in shipping departments.

Wireless technology provides a complete overview

In larger production areas several workstations are often outside of the supervisor‘s line of sight. For situations such as these WERMA offers an optimal solution: a combination of manual call systems and MDC systems creates a central overview of the current status of up to 50 workstations at the same time. Simple integration of the “WIN slave/transmitter” into the signal tower enables this supplementary function to be used. The WIN slave/transmitter transmits data via wireless technology to the WIN master/receiver, which is connected to a central PC.

Process optimisation and greater efficiency

With the help of the user-friendly WIN software, various productivity analysis tools can also be implemented. The concise software display interface enables intuitive operation and helps to gain a good overview of the integrated workstations. The WIN system is also equipped with a messaging functionality. WIN sends occurrence-specific e-mails so that information is reliably and punctually transmitted to the correct person, independent of their location. The main aim is to achieve shortened response times and greater efficiency for specifically defined processes whilst ensuring clearly defined areas of responsibility amongst production staff. In large production departments, the reduction in workload and inestimable time and cost benefits are particularly valuable.