Machine Data Collection (MDC Systems)

Delivery performance, smaller batch sizes, increasing competition and pressure on costs are all common issues for companies nowadays.

Machine Data Collection In order to deal with all of these issues greater attention has to be paid to flexibility, transparency and efficiency. Without technical support it is virtually impossible to

  • reduce downtime,
  • shorten production times
  • and at the same time install a comprehensive works
  • monitoring system

in order to make the best use of the capacity available.

WERMA offers an easy to install simple low cost wireless monitoring system called WIN (Wireless Information Network) which can be fitted to virtually any piece of equipment or machinery, irrespective of age and specification. WIN combines signal tower technology with wireless technology and an ingenious software package. The common interface point on machines is a WERMA signal tower to which the WIN (MDC - Machine Data Collection) system can be easily fitted and commissioned.

Analyse Productivity at the touch of a button with WIN

An additional element called the “WIN slave/transmitter” is fitted to the KombiSIGN signal tower. This transmitter transfers machine status information wirelessly to the “WIN master/receiver”. The “WIN master/receiver” is connected by USB to a PC and can receive data from up to 50 “WIN slaves/transmitter” each reporting a maximum of 8 different status conditions.

Counter module with WIN slave performance/WIN transmitter performance

The second piece of hardware called “WIN slave performance/transmitter performance” offers a counting module alongside the traditional monitoring functions. This module monitors up to six different status conditions and counts the piece part output signal from a machine.

Excellent transmission range with Wireless Technology

The WIN system has a transmission range (unobstructed line of sight) of 300 m although this will vary according to the construction of the building. In addition, as each “WIN slave/transmitter” acts as a repeater, effective transmission distances in a network of “WIN slaves/transmitter” can be extended to a maximum of 900 m distance between “WIN slave/transmitter” and “WIN master/receiver”. The low frequency (EU: 868 MHz/USA: 915 MHz) the system uses provides better transmission characteristics than other systems such as WLAN and Bluetooth.

WIN - Software information and functions at a glance

React quickly with the Control Station

You can quickly see if a machine is in an error condition or running normally. This module helps you to quickly take action to reduce downtime.

Increase efficiency with the Productivity Module

Using the Productivity Module you can check the productivity of your machines and workstations over any time period. You can look for example at the last working day, or define specific time periods such as shift patterns. Using this module it is possible to retrospectively analyse downtime and fault conditions and thus help improve efficiency in the future.

Production transparency in the Runtime Module

The Runtime Module allows you to check the operation and downtimes of your machines or workstations. Using this module you will quickly establish if there are patterns of downtime or fault conditions thus giving you a better transparency of production. This will then form the basis for improving the efficiency of your production processes.

Overview of jobs being run

The module gives you a comprehensive overview of which job is running on which machine and how the job is progressing. Future planned jobs are shown as “waiting” and can be initiated as soon as the machine required is available.