Optical Audible Signal devices

Combination devices incorporate bright optical signalling ( permanent or flash, including LEDs) with an audible siren. (Buzzers, siren, multitone and horn type) Combining optical and accoustic signals provide most effective visual and audible warning.

409 LED Rotat./Sounder
Part No. 409.130.68

  • LED technology with low-power consumption
  • Blinking,rotation and multi-flash can be external triggered
  • Choice of 3 different tones (alternating, pulse, sweep)
Part No.: 409.130.68
Voltage: 220V AC
Colour: Red
Sound output: 95dB
Protection rating: IP65
Fixing: Base mounting, tube mounting (accessory), Wall mounting
Available colour(s):
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Technical data

Part No. 409.130.68
Connection Screw terminal max. 2.5mm²
Fixing Base mounting, tube mounting (accessory), Wall mounting
Colour Red
Sound output 95dB
Service life 50,000hrs
Protection rating IP65
Voltage 220V AC
Voltage type AC
Current consumption Max.235mA
Temperature range -25℃ to +50℃
Tone type Alternationg, pulse, sweep
Housing material PC-ABS
Lens PC
Width 124 mm
Height 191 mm
Net weight 390 g
Total weight 390 g