Audible Signal devices

The audible products from WERMA give clear and loud accoustic warning. High quality and robust designs are available with a wide range of different tones and volume. The range includes buzzers, electromechanical buzzers, sirens, multitone devices, horns, bells and gongs.

140 Multi-sounder
Part No. 140.150.60

  • 32 tones for a diverse range of applications
  • Direct external setting of two tones possible with low voltage version
  • Adjustable sound output to 115dB
Part No.: 140.150.60
Diameter: 100 mm
Voltage: 110-240V AC
Colour: Red
Sound output: 115dB
Protection rating: IP65
Available colour(s):
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Technical data

Part No. 140.150.60
Connection Screw terminal max. 2.5mm²
Fixing Wall mounting
Starting current Max. 120 mA
Colour Red
Cable entry Cable gland M20 x 1,5mm Cable gland not included in assembly.
Sound output 115dB
Service life 5000hrs
Protection rating IP65
Voltage 110-240V AC
Voltage type AC
Current consumption 10-120 mA
Temperature range -40℃ to +70℃
Housing material PC-ABS
Diameter 100 mm
Height 110 mm
Net weight 160 g
Total weight 160 g