KombiSIGN 40

WERMA signal towers offer endless combinations of optical and accoustic accessories through the modular design of the product. A simple bayonet mechanism incorporating electrical connection enables the user to assemble a tower quickly and simply.

634 KombiSIGN40 TwinFLASH BU
Part No. 634.520.55

  • No more blind spots with the Omniview lens DesignLOOK and ClassicLOOK provide the appropriate signal tower for your application TwinLIGHT and TwinFLASH combine two light effects in one element
Part No.: 634.520.55
Series: KombiSIGN 40
Diameter: 40 mm
Voltage: 24V DC
Signal effect: LED-Flashing/EVS
Colour: blue
Available colour(s):
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Technical data

Part No. 634.520.55
Flash frequency approx. 1 Hz
Starting current max. 500 mA
Colour blue
Service life max. 50.000 h
Protection rating IP66
Voltage 24V DC
Voltage type DC
Current consumption 75 mA
Temperature range -30°C to +60°C
Lens PC
Signal effect LED-Flashing/EVS
Diameter 40 mm
Height 58.6 mm
Net weight 29 g
Total weight 39 g