EvoSIGNAL - The quick and easy way to create the perfect signalling solution

With EvoSIGNAL, it is easier than ever before to find the signal device you need: the streamlined, modular system optimally covers practically all areas of application.

All the advantages of the EvoSIGNAL range at a glance


Universal modular concept with uniform design in three sizes


Easy to replace previous products

Best in Class

Excellent visibility from all sides; robust, high-performance and tamper-proof system

Simple, intuitive installation

Poka-yoke, few parts, simple electrical connection

Twin functions

TwinLIGHT / TwinFLASH – two light effects in one; also suitable for use as escalation levels

Significantly reduced number

of variants that still provides a complete product range

Modular, simple, streamlined

Three product sizes to cover all applications - a unique aspect of the EvoSIGNAL range.

Simple and streamlined – this means less effort with fewer part numbers, whilst providing a complete product range and ensuring full compatibility with previous products. EvoSIGNAL - intelligent signalling and future-orientated solutions.

MINI (260)

MIDI (261)

MAXI (262)