Multicolour MC 55

A multicolour beacon for variety of requirements

Your benefit

With simple and elegant design, various light colours(three colours/seven colours), MC 55 multicolour beacon can meet customers' different needs, WERMA (Shanghai) has developed a multicolour beacon that can be widely applied to various industries, for instance, electronic, robitics, AGV, non-standard automation, and so on. Since we put the buzzer into the base, our MC 55 multicolour beacon not only has a perfect appearance, but guarantees the protection level of IP65. Our MC 55 multicolour beacon is transmitting safer signals all time.

  • Simple and elegant design, suitable for all types of modern machines
  • Multicolour (three colours / seven colours), ease of installing and economical
  • IP65 for all types of environmental applications

Typical Application

Improve the optical signal for the error

  • Automated production line
  • Switch cabinet
  • FTS
  • Electronics
  • Robots
  • Test equipment

Installation selection

  • Open installation